I am Amelia a happy, fun, elegant and outgoing individual, from reading my website you will learn much more about me, what I enjoy, my pastimes, my poetry and ideas about what we could do when we meet. I am an Independent British High Class Companion and British Tantric Massage Escort, I have studied the art of Tantra internationally for the past few years and have developed my very own Erotic Tantric Massage for you to enjoy and experience the numerous benefits, an experience I would love to share with you.

I decide which gentlemen I see very carefully and my preference will always be to accept dates from kind, polite, refined gentlemen who have taken the time to learn about me as I will take my time to learn about them. An encounter with me will never feel pressured, rushed or unnatural. I like us to feel at ease and comfortable with one another as we get to know each other over a glass of wine or romantic candlelit dinner, however you would like to spend time with me it would be my pleasure. My hobbies include taking long walks in a City, in the park or along a beach followed by experiencing food from different countries and cultures, paired with a glass of white wine or champagne. A favourite of mine more recently has been the Italian Cafe Caldesi and  for French cuisine, Le Gavroche. It would always be my pleasure to accompany you to a restaurant of your choice, I can make recommendations or we can choose favourite of yours. I will be the ideal luxury companion on your arm, an evening, weekend or even longer, an experience to remember.

Why I chose to become an Independent Escort in London

I have always believed that the best things in life are most enjoyed when they can be shared, more importantly with the right company and with someone whom you feel happy around and can really feel like you are "living in the moment". I enjoy to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds from all over the world and appreciate that I have the chance to be able to do this. I cherish memories that I have made and enjoy reminiscing over the wonderful dates that I have been most lucky to have had. 

I am a fully trained erotic Tantric Masseuse and love to be able to share my knowledge, experience and practical elements of Tantra with my suitors. It is a passion very close to my heart and I have been able to help many individuals lives from performing my Tantra Massage due to its uplifting, healing and sexual benefits that it results in. 

I take great pride in my appearance and love to dress up wether it be a seductive silk negligee, stilettos and a cocktail dress  or designer denim jeans and a fitted shirt you can be assured I will be well prepared and elegantly composed for every occasion. I can adapt to your tastes as I have a wide variety of garments and lingerie, I genuinely enjoy to dress for gentlemen as you will most likely be able to tell. From the moment you meet me you will be delighted and enthusiastically looking forward to what else I have to show you...

Why should I choose an Independent Companion in London?

When you choose an Independent Escort in London generally speaking the majority of independent escorts will work alone and not be reliant upon the reputation of an agency, instead they will have built their own reputation and provide a high quality of services, something which agencies can not always guarantee. As an independent escort I do not work along side anyone else, I manage all my own bookings and have contact with my suitors directly. I will never share or disclose personal information and anything said will remain between us two individuals only. I understand the importance of privacy and discretion and this is implemented at all times wether it be on a date in public or talking on the phone I remain professional and in the most discrete manner and respecting your privacy. I have a strict etiquette policy that I follow, I have put this in [lace to protect my suitor and myself, this way we all feel safe and respect and maintain each others' integrity.

All of the pictures that you see of me on my website are genuine and you can be assured that I will be the girl that you will meet. I do not act on behalf of an agency and I only accept invites that I feel comfortable to do so. I may choose to decline your invite I deem necessary. I am based in Central London, available by appointment for exclusive encounters and longer rendez-vous' both locally and globally, my preference it to see refined, polished, discerning gentlemen who value quality and unrushed relaxed dates. If you would like to learn more about booking me in London please feel free to read my Etiquette page for further information.

What is a high class independent London Escort?

An independent high class escort will provide services that vary from person to person, however, these are most likely to have a stronger element of luxury and exclusiveness. I myself am an independent high class companion and I pride myself in providing the highest quality to my suitors, wether this be the way I am presented, my means of contact or the lingerie I wear in the bedroom, I am dedicated to providing class and quality. A high class escort will have a preference for visiting upscale bars, fine dining restaurants, cultural cities and venues such as art galleries, museums and theatres. Some independent high class escorts will also be available for Fly-Me-To-You dates where you can meet the individual in the country of your choice or if you do not live in London fly them to you. This can be perfect for busy suitors who do not have the time to travel to London or have a very limited schedule and still want an exclusive rendezvous with the escort of their choice.

Tantric Massage Escort in London

As a fully qualified Tantric Escort I will welcome you to my world of Tantra and all the wonderful Tantra elements Tantric Massage has to offer. As you feel my soft skin pressing against yours, my warm seductive voice and firm breasts as I lean on to you, your worries will begin to disappear, your mind escape and relax and our connection will be building ever stronger as we emotionally and physically connect with one another. My Ultimate Erotic Tantric Massage is completely unique and like nothing else you will have experienced before, it is a deeply therapeutic and meditative experience reaching your body's core energy (the chakra) as your body gives in to the soothing oft touch of the palms of my hands and my oily toned body. My Ultimate Erotic Tantra experience is the most sensual encountr that I offer and will awaken the core of your sexual and mental energy, resulting in a much higher state of orgasmic heights and successful release of stress and tension within the body. Contact me today to book your Ultimate Erotic Tantra Experience with myself.

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Please fill out the contact form on the RSVP page to book your encounter with myself. Should you have any questions please refer to the FAQ page before hand, if your question is not listed then feel free to send me an email to ameliagraceuk@protonmail.com and I will aim to reply promptly to you within 24 hours. My preference will always be to see respectful, kind and well mannered gentlemen, I, like yourself, will always treat you with the utmost respect and you can be rest assured any contact between us wether verbal, written or physical is always treated with strict confidentiality and privacy. I very much enjoy being a high class companion and always look forward to my next encounter wherever in the world that may be, should you have any queries or questions do feel free to ask away (within reason of course) and I will do my best to respond to you.


My preference is always quality over quantity, I enjoy meeting kind hearted, respectful gentlemen who enjoy the company of an intellectual and genuine lady. I enjoy to be in the company of gentlemen who value experiences, magical moments together, history and culture as well as embracing intimacy and getting to know e each other sensually and passionately. I only accept invitations where I feel comfortable and where I feel we will share a good rapport, I favour polite and well mannered individuals. Any rudeness of expletives will result in your invitation being disregarded and declined. I will always treat you with the utmost respect and sincerity and how you would expect to be treated. I maintain consistent privacy and discretion at all times and will never share your details/information I receive, I appreciate the same also. To get to know what I enjoy in more detail lease feel free to visit my Independent Escort Profile and to arrange an encounter pleas fill out the Contact Form.

There are numerous adventures you can have with a companion in London but I believe the importance of choosing a companion is to choose a lady whom you can connect with. I believe it is so important to connect with people and have real conversations together, people live such busy lives so I always think it is nice that we can find the time make social connections and not allow them to take a backseat in our lives. Choosing a luxury companion can help reduce anxiety, stress and even depression, there is much more to being with a companion other than intimacy although this is a great part too which also has its benefits ;-) 

Meeting a companion and sharing time to bond together wether it be a dinner date, a weekend in the mountains or a week on the beach has so many benefits, your emotions can start to become regulated, you will feel happier, self-esteem can develop and you can reduce stress. Meeting a companion does great wonders for your mental health, it is more important than ever to connect with people and on a frequent basis. A companion can be there for you whenever you need someone to talk to, when you need company for dinner or lunch or if you just want to chat in bed and watch movies all day, the adventures can be endless. We as humans need to connect socially and to feel valued, adorned and supported by others, studies have shown that social connection is very capable of improving physical and psychological wee being. A companion is much more than just a date, she can be your friend whom you reach out to and have fun with anywhere you desire and for someone to laugh and play with, and of course share jokes and have great conversations together. A companion is someone whom you can open up to, share your thoughts and feelings and even your naughty desires. I will be all ears and am non judgemental, everything said is in the strictest of confidence and remains between only us two.

Being connected to a companion can help you become happier, healthier and to better cope with difficulties as well as share wonderful moments together and seductive thoughts. To book an encounter with myself send me an INVITE today.