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I am a Tantric and Erotic Masseuse, fully trained and qualified and actively practicing the art of Tantra. I have been born and raised in England and have been lucky enough to have the chance to train with some of the best Tantra masters across the world. I spent several months training in Thailand where I learnt a variety of techniques that I currently use in my sessions. My sessions are suitable for a range of individuals and I always adapt them accordingly. There really is a tantric experience for everyone, I take in to account what it is exactly you would like to gain from our session and can even plan our very own tantric journey together for the with longer term goals and for those who enjoy the experience and want to participate regularly.

Our encounter can be as sexual or non sexual as you desire, massage does not have to involve intercourse and is often enjoyed without. You can choose the level that you would like to reach, if you are practicing tantra to resolve a sexual dysfunction or if you are simply trying to increase your sexual libido. There really is a level of sexual tantra for everyone. Although traditionally taught climax not being the main goal, I will be happy to help you work on and improve an even stronger climax. 

I am a friendly and calm person whom you can open up to, share your problem wether they be sexual or non sexual, I can help you to heal, to grow and feel better within yourself. Of course, this can take time and can vary from person to person but you can be assured I will be with you on your tantric journey every step of the way.

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I offer a variety of massages including, tie and tease, aqua massage, role play massage, foot fetish massage, sensory massage, body to body massage, erotic massage and mutual massage. There really is a massage for everyone. You could lie back and relax and allow me to soother your body in a bubble bath with myself caressing every part of your body with bubbles and soap, a perfect way to destress your muscles and your entire body. Or p perhaps mutual massage may be for you, this involves both of us massaging each other in the most intimate parts to an eclectic state of mind, learning more and more about each others bodies as our time continues. Or perhaps you may want to try my body to body massage where I will glide my body all over yours, slipping and sliding erotically while you enjoy feeling and touching every part of it.

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