Erotica: works of art or writing that describe sexual activity and arouse sexual feelings.

Writing is a pastime close to my heart and is an activity which I have a huge passion for and natural flair. The perfect way to connect with one another and have a lot of fun completely anonymous and discreet, a great option for those unable to meet me imminantely but still want to build a connection, for those who desire only a "pen-pal"style encounter and for those who simply love to divulge in and receive their very own pieces of Erotica. I create all Erotica by myself exclusively for yourself, each piece is carefully thought out and uniquely inspired. I have created a variety of options below, feel free to put in a request by e-mail if there is something you would like which i have not listed. Once payment is received in full you will receive your first piece of Erotica within 24 hours. Please note "Your Deepest Desires" can take up to 72 hours. Erotica and phone calls can be completed via E-mail or WhatsApp. Phone calls can be completed at a time to suit you, please arrange your request 24 hours in advance. To request a piece of Erotica please send me an e-mail with the name of which piece you would like, along with any special requests. 

*Receive a free video clip with all Erotica.


Lost in Conversation

Receive 5 15 minute phone calls a week. I'll share with you my naughtiest secrets, my biggest turn-ons, my dirtiest dreams and the wildest fantasies I want to explore. I'll describe exactly what I want to do to you and how I am masturbating while I am talking to you, touching myself in my bedroom next to my toys, my fingers sliding up inside my moist private parts, we can share this intense moment together.


Role-Play Exchange

Receive 5 e-mail exchanges a week. Will you be begging for forgiveness and asking to be my slave once I have chained you to my bed and whipped your round bare bottom. Or will you be putting me into detention for looking at the boys in P.E. with my school blouse buttons half undone showing off my soft firm breasts to them? Or perhaps I will be your boss demanding you rip off my tight black pencil skirt, fishnet tights and red string thong. However you want to play, our deisre wil grow stronger and our fantasy evolve.


Escape to Paradise

Receive 5 e-mail exchanges a week. We can all about anything you wish, whatever is on your mind, how your day is going or what you would like to be doing once it has finished. We can go with the flow or I can entertain the direction of our conversation, taking you by surprise. We can get down and dirty or keep it light and flirty. I'll keep you turned on and stimulated every step of the way as our correspondance has only just begun. 


Your Deepest Desires

Receive your very own personalised Erotica story or poem. Tell me your wildest fantasies and your naughtiest dreams and I will write you your very own customised piece of erotica. I would love to hear about your kinkiest thoughts, your mischievous pleasures and your raunchiest rendez-vous'. I will compile your dreams and desires and turn them in to an unforgettable and most memorable piece of Erotica for you to enjoy. 




Extract of a personalised story:

The Perfect Maid

As she bent over to clean his messy stained wet bed sheets he spanked her round peachy bum cheeks with her black feather duster, "But Mr Green I am not here to be spanked I am here to clean your room" she yelled. He replied "you will now clean my cock as well for that selfish remark" . She bent over further, with her holes in full sight, she began slowly licking his big juicy throbbing 10 inch cock, she ran her tounge up and down eagerly feeling the juices flowing through his thick shaft with the tip of her tonge, she rammed it down her throat. "I think u rather enjoyed that" he stated as he continued to spank her pink big bum " now remove those damp white cotton panties daddy bought you. She slowly pulled them down her legs and removed her frilly apron and white lace gloves as he watched her, cum trickling  all the way down from the side of her private parts to the bottom of her legs, "you've got the job" he said, he jumped on top of her and began thrusting his monster cock inside her. Yes yes yes Mr Green she moaned as he began pounding her harder. She spread open her rosey bum cheeks and said thank you Mr green I'll be the perfect maid.