Foot Fetish

Do you want to be caressed, adored,  to stroke and massage or even kiss the most prettiest of feet and have the foot fetish experience of your dreams? I am the foot fetishist fantasy come true!

I will use my perfectly presented feet to arouse you in every way possible. From my painted toes poking through my patent stilletoes to my nude pantyhose giving you a glimpse of my seductive delicate feet. You may worship them, tickle them, lick them, however you decide they deserve to be worshipped. I can even massage you with ,y feet, cover your back and chest with gentle feather strokes from my toes, varying my pressure, however you prefer, they can even trample on your body while you taste my beautiful toes. I have designed a variety of foot foreplay options for you to choose from, there really is a foot fetish option for everyone. Or feel free to let me know your feet fantasy and we can explore this together, a truly seductive foot worship experience.

Sensation Play

Tickle my soles and lightly stroke in between, use a feather or hairbrush to assist. Feeling more adventurous? Tie a vibrator to my feet and tease me with erotic vibrations.

Foot Massage

A tantalising and seductive experience, using oily from my massage candle, allow me to use varying pressures to massage your body. I will warm my feet and begin awakening the senses by using my heel, working my way towards the toes, creating arousing friction and mind blowing tickling sensations.

Foot Bath

Unless your preference is sweaty and slightly odours feet, we can bathe together while you adore my feet, covered in bubbles using aromatic soaps, I can give you the ultimate feet aphrodisiac experience while we soak up the bubbles together. Yes sure to scrub between my toes and admire them i their full glory, I just won't be able to get enough of it, together we can soak the night and day away!

Kissing and Licking

Make my feet feet feel loved by gentle light kisses or guiding up to deeper longer kisses, or perhaps give them a french kiss to heighten the arousal. Wiggle your tongue in between my toes as it slips and slides for a sexual tickle. To really turn up the kink you can suck on each toe, one by one, showing them all your love and affection. You may run your lips from the bottom of my heel, to the tops of my toes, they are waiting to be loved and adored.

Foot Domination

Including body walking, submission, humiliation and grovelling. Wether you want to be walked on like a rug on the ground or like a piece of rubbish, allow me to dominate you with my feet, covering your body as I believe you deserve best.

Foot Worship

Appreciate my feet by worshipping every part of them, get a low down and close to them as you wish, praising their shape, texture and smell. Give them a massage, ignite your sensual desires and worship them to the fullest.

Stockings and Tights

I have a variety of designer stockings, tights and stocks I can wear for you. I have a variety of different colours ranging from nudes, whites, blacks and reds. I have a piece of hosiery for every taste, I am a fond collector myself, why don't yo tell me your pantyhose fantasies and we can live them together sharing this perfect pantyhose experience. You can watch me put them on and seductively take them off, you can bring your own pair for me to wear and take them away with you.


With a variety of stilettoes to choose from my largely pointed high black heels will ve sure to tip you over the edge as we get kinky together with my heels. Feel the tip of my heel as I stroke along your erogonous zones or gently feel the spike trail along your private parts gently, so not to damage your goods.

Foot Bondage

Bind my feet together and experiment with rope and bondage. Beautifully binding them, we can place them in mid air or even place them over your shoulder. Experiment with traditional Japanese bondage techniques and tie me to my feet today.

Foot Job

Experience my two feet rubbing against your penis, I will rub your body parts using my feet. The experience can feel sensational, most surreal and erotic, far more powerful than hands and orgasmic heights that can only be achieved using my feet.

Toe Play

Feel my toes in between your fingers, pull on them slowly and gently one by one, showing all the love and affection that you have for them. A totally kinky and pleasurable feet encounter, penetrate my toes using your fingers and mouth.

Tantric Foot Sex

Pedicured Feet

Refuse and relax, a very gradual build up until I deem you are ready to climax. Edge play and tantric massage using my feet, the result is mind-blowing and a foot fetish experience you will not want to forget. Pleasure and arousal spiral upwards, nerves lighten up and your mind sensory overloads. The result, a foot fetishist dream come true.

Your Foot Fetish Dream

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