A fantasy of a high class escort

I had moved to Paris for the year, the timing couldn't have been better, I was excited, I had been there a few times and loved the city and the culture. Now I would live there, no family but a few friends I had known for some time. When I arrived I was observing everything around me even though I felt tired due to the trip I felt very happy. The language was not my strong suit, but I knew I would learn quickly. I left the airport and had been assigned a vehicle, the driver "Monsieur T" was waiting for me with my name written on his hand written sign. The first thing I noticed was the driver was very handsome and older than me, I caught him gazing at my black patent Louboutin stilettos as I approached him. He would be my personal chauffeur throughout my time living in France and take me wherever I needed to go.

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I loved my new penthouse apartment, I decorated it to my style and tastes and everyone treated me very well and helped me to settle in, I was made to feel very welcome. I spent my evenings having dinner with friends, having the pleasure to meeting lovely new suitors and visiting the most magnificent stately hotels. The weather was unbeatable, the days went by at great speed and I felt optimistic.

It was late in the evening I had been out to dinner at "Le Cinq" with a few of my girlfriends, I waved them goodbye and Monsieur T was there in his Cream Beige Bentley Continental GT waiting for me. I could feel my bra strap had dropped down my arm as I was walking briskly to the car, I quickly pulled it straight back up so not too expose my erect nipple as the thought of getting in the car with him again was already making me wet. As I sat down in the front seat I caught him in the corner of my eye staring at the cleavage pushing through my blouse, "Did you have a good evening?" he asked. "It was perfect, amazing food, amazing wine and I have already arranged to return." I replied eagerly. I thought maybe he would offer to take me but on second thoughts I realised that may be unprofessional of him, after all he was my chauffeur. He dropped me back to my apartment and wished me a good night. I thanked him and smiled brushing my hand past his private area, I could feel it was hard and I liked that.

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The next morning I was due to go shopping with one of the girl friends I had gone to dinner with last night. Monsieur T was ten minutes early to collect me, I quickly gathered my belongings and grabbed the latest book I had been reading for the journey. I love to read but have so little time to do so, I was glad I could squeeze in another chapter. The book had a sad ending, Monsieur T could see my mood had changed to more somber and melancholy, trying not to let a tear fall down my face. To my great surprise he said "Yes, I too felt strong desires to cry with that ending" - and then he smiled which seemed even stranger to me. "Oh yes" I replied, still very surprised.

We spent the whole journey talking about the romantic story, Monsieur T was beginning to intrigue me,

I thought he just hadn't had the chance to talk about anything we had in common or that he simply didn't want to bother me. We soon discovered we had very similar tastes, he would begin to comment on what I would wear to work, he would always approve of my low cut blouses and figure hugging dresses, I always appreciated his compliments. He was a very intelligent man whose taste in art, books and poetry was exquisite. I couldn't help but feel even more attracted to him, and I was sure he felt the same way.

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Our clothes flew off in all directions, allowing us to feel unadorned. There we were manifesting everything we had been cultivating for the past few months. It had been totally surprising for both of us. Monsieur T was kissing every part of my body, tasting me, inhaling my scent, devouring as I moaned louder and louder, experiencing infinite pleasure, gripping onto his head, urging him on. I wanted to be penetrated, Monsieur T positioned himself on top of me, taking me to the peak of my pleasure. Using slow and fast movements with his hard penis, I could feel it so deep inside me, I never wanted it to end, I felt I could lose my mind. His movements were becoming more and more energetic, his penis throbbing harder and harder inside me, intense, as were my cries. My hands clutched his back as I feared he would pull out at any moment's notice. I felt I couldn't take it anymore and I succumbed to the enjoyment, momentarily running out of energy as Monsieur T kissed my lips, and let himself fall on top of me, we orgasmed eclectically and I breathed very deeply and loudly repeatedly as so did he. We couldn't be happier, much more than we had ever imagined...

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