What turns me on...

Those moments when the burning is at its peak, and my temperature rises so high that I feel my skin burning, and my crotch explodes in flames, for those moments of greater voluptuousness, sexy lingerie becomes much more relevant. I am fascinated by how the silk, the lace brushes my skin, caresses it, and makes me feel as sensual and hot as the sun when it reaches its zenith in the sky. To move and have the delicate fabric move with me, as in a dance, is for me a display of sensuality that makes me feel unique. How to deny it, I like to think that the lingerie, those transparent black bras, the stockings covering my legs, the garters holding the whole set, set the perfect essence, and help to create the perfect atmosphere, making my femininity more palpable, more than you can imagine. The mirror gives me back the image I expect, and I feel ready to accept the touch of a man, a virile man, whose gaze melts me, whose eyes rest on my most sensitive parts before his hands do. A walk around the room before the gaze of that boy who does not stop imagining how it would be to slide those garters until they fall, and what he has been wishing for since my image appeared before his eyes.

An image complemented by my mischievous glances, full of meaning, fervent glances that go straight to him, accompanied by a soft smile. I look him straight in the eye, then my gaze drifts down to his pants that reveal what's underneath with astonishing clarity, and I turn on. Perhaps my seductive lingerie gets a little damp in the process, and I feel faint. The tension builds, he's a man who has unwavering patience, he doesn't move from where he is, the top is the limit for me, and he whispers that there are no limits. Next to him, I imagine a box of chocolates that I know is there, and my mind explodes creating the highest expectations, which of course will be fulfilled. I walk slowly towards him, I bite my lower lip, and I don't let go, the path is short, but I make him wait, I still feel the touch of the so delicate and spectacular fabric of my sexy outfit against my skin, and I am desperate to reach him. However, I don't hurry.

The waiting is the best part, everything becomes more interesting, with a finger he calls me, and I shake my head. His wait will take forever if he gets impatient. He throws his head back, and I smile, his gaze questions me, he lets me know that his senses are at their peak, he can't wait any longer and nevertheless, he will have to. The lights bring out sparkles from my loose hair, they fall on my breasts, whose nipples are visible, that was the idea from the beginning, and it works, boy does it work. He settles better on his comfortable seat once again, and I know it's because of his package, it bothers him, he's uneasy. I start the walk again, and I don't stop. Suddenly, I don't know what to do with my arms as I walk, I'm uneasy too, even if it doesn't seem so to him.

The smell of chocolate arrives undeniably, it is intoxicating as a drink, and I am tempted to move faster. I restrain myself; the room seems to breathe agitatedly, imitating my breathing. I desire, I long to come, and when I am so close my mind clouds, and I fall to his side, letting myself be seduced by the taste of chocolate he places in my mouth, while his hands advance touching without really touching my well-drawn curves through the beautiful lace. Those transparencies are ideal to feel free and daring, admired by the man between my legs, offering me exquisite chocolates of an unparalleled taste. My legs encased in stockings caress his sides, and I feel with an overwhelming certainty an inordinate hardness. It's just what I expected, and I get it, his breath close to my ear, my skin bristles, it's the most intense sensation, I feel it in every cell of my body.

I succumb to this giving free rein to my momentum, the kiss turns out to be sweet and passionate; the caresses wander over the whole with unbridled fury. His masculine hands release the garters, and everything gets out of control, the chocolates give the aroma that seals the whole thing, some fall to the floor, others in my mouth. The bra is just another accessory and is removed as soon as his hands land there. I let myself be swept away by passion, the night has turned out even better than my mind has designed, and I know it's all been worth it...

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