To arrange our encounter please fill in the Contact Form below. Please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail should you have any questions regarding the form or our booking. I aim to reply promptly (within 24 hours) to all booking requests, please allow 24-48 hours notice to book our meeting. My donations are in line with most high class companions.

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Our special encounter will evolve naturally, free from interruptions, just ourselves immersed in fun, pleasure and excitement, living in the moment with feelings of bliss, enjoyment and contentment. Building a connection getting stronger with time, as we self-indulge in each other we ease ourselves closer, relishing one another's stimulation, the ultimate pleasure awaits us...


I will always have the utmost respect for yourself and all persons that surround us. I will always be polite, have good manners and be punctual. I will always consider other people's feelings and I never discriminate against others or cast judgements. I expect gentlemen to also have respect and be treated in the same way.



I am a discreet individual and will maintain your privacy at all times, your information will not be shared or disclosed with anyone. I will always dress accordingly for each occasion, polished, presentable and immaculately groomed. Our encounter will remain private and will never be discussed with anyone, everything said or done will be between each other only.

I will  always be considerate towards you and those that surround us. I am a kind, friendly and trustworthy person whom you will feel comfortable around and put at ease. You will feel respected, valued and appreciated. I am thoughtful and honest and respectful of other people's feelings, we will have an amazing time together.


Amelia Grace