Erotic Tantric Massage

I am a fully qualified and experienced Tantric Massage Escort, I am very excited and take great pride in bringing you my very own most sensual, most passionate, most erotic experience I have developed for you to endeavour, in an eclectic state of pure bliss, arousal and optimum pleasure: "The Ultimate Erotic Tantra."

My Tantric Massage Encounter will touch each individual on a physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual level. I have trained internationally in Bali, Berlin and London and have learnt from the very best to become an expert in the tantra field. I have combined many different tantra and massage techniques I have learnt together so that you will experience a unique ultimate erotic massage with myself, each tantra massage is customised to your body and your preferences. I will be massaging and caressing your body in the most delicate of ways, varying pressures accordingly and tailored to your needs and desires.

What to expect:

I will set the mood for a truly sensual and romantic environment complete with the lights dimmed, soothing music and a warm temperature of heat. While the heat of our own bodies intensifies the true tantra experience will begin. I have a variety of oils including scented and non scented, I can also use lotions, gels or edible massage creams, the choice is yours!


About my Tantra massage

My tantra massage uses sensuous touches on the body and its most underestimated organ; the skin, maximising erotic stimulation energy is dispersed upwards becoming more powerful, sexuality is elevated to tantric dimensions. The technique focuses on the many nerve endings that are found on the skin, using elements such as kneading, aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Balinese massage and mood enhancing music to deliver the perfect tantra encounter. The massage is carried out when both the masseuse and receiver are fully nude. All of the erotic zones in the body of the receiver and masseuse are explored and totally stimulated. You will feel a magical energy running through your body resulting in both feelings of arousal and relaxation at the same time.

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       Advantages of my Ultimate Tantra Experience:

  • Aches, pains and stresses will be removed, you will leave with a clear conscience feeling amazing about yourself

  • You can reach an extended state of bliss which can last from several minutes to several hours. The sexual energy is dispersed throughout the whole body allowing you to experience multi-orgasmic states enduring waves of pleasure together​

  • Emotional baggage and blockages are removed, leaving space for beautiful dreams and desires

  • Blood circulation increases which improves overall sexual health, simultaneous deep breathing detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system

  • The process of cleansing and purification is stimulated while reaching multi orgasms. 

  • You can achieve a higher state of sexual drive and libido.

The back of your legs:

I will softly rub my hands on top of the upper legs, when my hand reaches your buttocks I will gently lift your hips allowing my hand to slide into the groin gently pulsating up and down, backwards and forwards. Very slowly with my fingers I will rub across the buttock line reaching all the way around it. I will then rub both my hands softly over the upper legs and begin where I started again.

The back: 

I will pour two table spoons of oil onto my hands and my body. I will place my hands on your lower back, introducing my touch as I let my hands glide  up your back to the crevasses of your neck, shoulders and ears and all the way back down again. I will then place my breasts on your buttocks and begin sliding them on the back of your entire body, I will rub my genitailia for deeper pressure across your body.

The front of your body:

I will caress your neck, shoulders and arms with my fingertips using light feather strokes gently soothing your body in circular motions, long fluid strokes and side to side passes. My light feather strokes and caresses create a build up of sensual anticipation for you, leaving you not knowing where I will tickle, stroke or touch you next...

I continue the massage by concentrating on your stomach and chest sliding my hands lightly across your stomach up to the centre and around your nipples then back down to your stomach. I will pour oil on to my chest and genitalia, spreading the oil on to the front of your body paying very special attention in slow motion. I will smother your body with my erect nipples, sliding my fingers in between your body parts and using the palm of my hands to apply deeper pressure. I will gently rotate my breasts around your groin area, pulling back and pushing slowly, one movement at a time.


By now you will probably have a large smile on your face but the fun has only just begun, the feeling of your body being smothered and oiled by mine is feeling really good, the tease continues as I give you a taste of my naked torso on top of yours. Now I have warmed you up I will start to focus on your erogenous zones, your most private parts, I think you can wait to see how my Ultimate Erotic Tantra unfolds.


Tantra Massage FAQ

How should I prepare for my Tantric Massage?:

Avoid eating heavy, large or spicy meals beforehand as this could make the massage feel slightly uncomfotable as you will be lying down for a majority of the time. Avoid drinking alcohol before your massage and take a shower on arrival.

What should I be wearing?

I usually recommend to be fully nude for the massage, however, this is fully down to each individual, if you feel more comfortable you can keep you underwear on or I can cover your intimate areas with a towel if you prefer.

What will you be wearing for the massage?

I will be fully nude.

How can I book a Tantric Massage?

Please fill out the contact form on the RSVP page of my website.

Can you travel to me for a massage?

Yes, I visit hotels and serviced apartments, I do not visit private residences. However, you are welcome to visit me in Central London for a massage also. For visits outside Central London extra donations will apply.

Which areas of the body will you massage?

I will caress your whole body including your legs, back, bum, feet, arms neck, head. If you prefer me to avoid  certain area or you have any ailments please let me know before hand and I can adjust the massage accordingly.


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The History of Tantra

Tantra originated from religions such a Hinduism and Buddhism, though often misinterpreted, tantra is actually an ancient tradition. Tantra evolved in 1st millennium AD in the form of written texts known as "suttras". Tantra was taught verbally originally and was taught my a tantra teacher specifically. As teaching progressed, the verbal form of tantra became a letter form almost like a manual or guidelines. Inside would be detailed information with regards to practicing Tantra, chanting and meditation. However, the written testimonials were often very varied and didn't necessarily have the same things written down.By the 7th and 13th centuries the Tantra texts were converted into readable forms known  as "sadhus". Other types of Tantra came into existence such as the "Taoist" and "Shamanic" Tantra. Taoist Tantra consisted of sexual practices aligned with spirituality. these practices became known as "The bedroom arts." They were carried out to gain better health and sexual healing. Chanting, praying and lovemaking were all used to practise Tantra. Over the years a common misconception about Tantra erupted, stating the it consisted of voodoo or other taboo practices and black magic. Tantra is actually the best way to gain self- awarenes, deeper consciousness and to be able to follow more spiritual pathways. As well as connecting with yourself or partner more emotionally, sexually and spritually. Please feel free to read my Advantages of Tantric Massage Blog Post where I go in to more details about the benefits of Tantric Massage and why it may vastly improve your every day life once you have experienced it.

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My abilities as a Tantric Masseuse

I will be healing our bodies both mentally and physically bringing restorative and sacred healing in to our lives so that we are able to experience the many advantages of tantra. I will be detecting and removing any blockages that are in your system and using my purifying energy to release the build up of tensions that may be existing in the mind and body. As a result of the healing process many dysfunctions can be treated and often completely resolved this may be an erectile dysfunction, an inability to feel sexual emotion or not being able to achieve a deeper state of orgasm. I will be able to teach and assist also in experiencing a "full body orgasm" which more often that not sex itself cannot achieve. I will be able to screen appropriate candidates for a tantric massage and a healing session, tantra itself is quite a broad spectrum and I understand each individual may have different needs and desires when approaching me to experience a tantra session. Read my latest blog post here to learn why I enjoy being a tantric masseuse so much and my experience with tantra.

To Remember:

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Tantric Massage is not a "quick session", it is an ultimate relaxation experience.


Don't forget to breath. It is important to breathe at all times as this will enable you to feel the most relaxed throughout.

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"Tantra" is designed to lead you to mental and physical enlightenment your stresses/worries can totally disappear.

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